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replica watches–Rolex Bamford Submariner Black Dial Roman Numerals Black Ionized Case And Bracelet.

replica watches
replica watches

Back:Ion-plated snap-in back with Rolex green authenticity sticker.
Band Type:Stainless Steel.

Bezel:White Arabic numeral minute marked black ceramic bezel.

Bracelet:Ion-plated link bracelet with Rolex logo carved deployment clasp.And then Bracelet Length:205 x 19 mm. And then Brand:Rolex. And then Case:Ion-plated case.
Case Thickness:13 mm. And then Collection:Submariner.
Color:Black. And then Crown:Rolex logo engraved ion-plated cutwork crown.
Dial Color:Black.
Diameter:48 x 41 mm. And then Gender:Men.
Glass:Sapphire Crystal.
Movement:Kinetic (Automatic).
Quality:Japanese Miyota.

Overseas network January 7th Since the end of 2016.

A large number of staff members of the US Embassy in Havana said that they heard a strong noise at home and nearby hotels.

And then complained of headaches, nausea and hearing loss. It is believed that these people have been attacked by a “mysterious sonic weapon.”

Recently, British and American scientists published the results of this kind of noise research. They said that the “culprit” is actually a kind of embarrassment.

According to the US “New York Times” and the British “Guardian” report, replica watches scientists at the University of California at Berkeley and the University of Lincoln in the United Kingdom have previously obtained relevant audio files.

After analysis and research, they think that this kind of hot noise is not so mysterious. The real source is an Indian macaque.

The sound of this Caribbean species is about 7 kilohertz and  deliver at a very high rate, which will bring people,” .

Zapata and Professor of the University of California, Stubbs, searched the scientific database for the insect sounds that matched the recordings in Cuba. They found that the Indian macaques were similar but did not match exactly.

And considering that the US diplomat’s description of noise varies from person to person and the sound is unstable,

Then the two scientists thought that the difference might be because the insect sounds in the data were recorded in the wild, while the diplomats recorded indoors.

The noise file was placed. Therefore, the scientists changed the indoor sound recordings recorded in the field. After the sound of replica watches bounced through the walls, ceilings and floors, a similar uneven pulse appeared, which was very similar to the voice recorded by American diplomats in Cuba.