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replica watches breitling Breilting Bentley Supersports Black And Red Dial Black Leather Bracelet 622430.

replica watches breitling
replica watches breitling

Back:Polished stainless steel snap-in back with Breitling inscription.
Band Type:Leather.And then Bezel:Polished stainless steel cutwork bezel.
Bracelet:Cuir Veritable heat embossed black crocodile leather strap with white thread .

Stitching and Breitling logo engraved polished stainless steel fold-in clasp.And then Bracelet Length:210 x 24 mm.
Brand:Breitling.And then Case:Polished stainless steel case.

Case Thickness:16 mm.
Crown:Breitling logo engraved polished stainless steel cutwork crown with a small round .push-button crown on either side of it.
Dial Color:Black.
Diameter:55 x 47 mm.
Glass:Sapphire Crystal.
Movement:Quartz (Battery).
Quality:Japanese Miyota.
Quality & Trademark:All our watches are water resistant but not waterproof; we do not recommend swimming with them or taking showers with them. Taking the watches underwater will revoke their guarantee.
Shipping Size:Small.


New Year’s new weather, special units also have new equipment. In the CCTV7 replica watches breitling program on January 6th, the 76th Army special war brigade “Snow Maple Battle”.


Exposed and replaced the QTS-11 step dun combined with a single combat system.

In addition to the Snow Maple Battle, QTS-11 is also serving in a special warfare unit of the Navy. A division of the Central Theater is a reconnaissance battalion.

And a synthetic brigade of the 83 Group Army. This proves that replica watches breitling this informationized combat system has begun in our army. The investigation team was spread out on a large scale.

A soldier of the Snow Maple Battle with a white light integrated sight

76 group army special war brigade

In the CCTV7 replica watches breitling program on January 6th, two special warriors of the Xuefengte Brigade conducted a variety of light weapons shooting competitions. During the competition.

They used the 95-1 class machine gun, the 88 type sniper rifle, the 10 type anti-equipment sniper rifle, the -95-1 rifle QTS-11 step rifle, the 09 type shotgun, the corner gun and the 05 micro-rush. A variety of weapons. It can be seen that QTS-11, like other light weapons, is already a normal appraisal subject.

This proves that this rifle has already installed the unit in large quantities and has become one of the optional light weapons for replica watches breitling the special combat team.

The special combat unit will use the 95-1 rifle to shoot, pay attention to the background of T-3485

Two team members used a 10 type sniper rifle to shoot

The special warfare team is different from the army combat troops. It will not be a standing rifleman. Any special warfare player who needs to study the martial arts profession needs to master the rifle.

It is worth mentioning that in this competition, the participating commandos need to use this rifle to hit 5 targets with a white light integrated sight in 15 seconds, which is very difficult.

However, the old special team members present at the scene said very honestly that the gun was “heavier”, so the shooting accuracy was better.

The QTS-11 weapon system consists of a computerized fire control system, a photoelectric sighting system, an intelligent grenade launcher and a rifle. It can use 5.8 mm caliber bullets and 20 mm smart grenades or ordinary grenades, and can also fire shotguns when necessary.

The gun can use laser ranging and intelligent grenades for air-to-space bombing, which can effectively attack enemies after the bunker. It is an inter-generational weapon.

This weapon is a typical equipment in the information age of our army. It is an uncharacteristic situation.

From the beginning of the project, it has been constantly listening to the opinions of the grassroots officers and men. In the end, replica watches breitling this weapon was used to facilitate the use of warriors, and items such as grenade magazines were removed to reduce weight.

The QTS-11 version of our military is less than 5 kilograms, and it is similar to the AR-15 weight of the ACOG advanced optical sight. It can be used in accordance with the normal assault rifle tactical tutorial.